4 Person Baking Class

Since the class is small, limited to 4 persons, a lot of detail can be passed on during instruction.You'll get to take home the cake/bread you made to share with your family!Once the cooking/baking is done, we'll clean up and have tea along with the cake/bread from the teacher demonstration.Once demonstration is finished, everyone will make their own cake/bread from start to finish.The class starts with a teacher demonstration.(Smaller class offers more indepth learning)

8 Person Cooking Class

For example hot pizza would be enjoyed as it comes out of the oven, but a course menu would be a sit-down lunch.Some of these large classes include sit-down lunch depending on the menu of the cooking class.However, you will get to experience the important details by hand.Since this is a larger group setting, only small hands-on participation can be had.Teacher demonstration will be conducted while everyone enjoys a small snack.(Larger class for some good eats and good times.  Great for broadening your cooking/baking repertor)

Classes by Request

If you have an idea for a class, I can post it as a class so even if you are just one person, let me know.Classes can be made by request if there is enough interest.  Baking classes will require 4 persons and cooking classes will require at least 6 persons and up to 8 persons.

Basics Class

For people just staring to bake or for someone who has not attended my classes before, this is a great class.  The class is a four part series.

1. Scones and its variations

2. How to make Pie Crust / Pear Tart

3. Handy Bread Dough / White Bread

4. Perfect Sponge

General Information

All classes are about 55~65 dollars depending on materials cost.  Includes recipe and material cost.
A typical class is held between 10am to 1pm.